We were born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1983

We are a family business with more than 35 years of professional experience. We are dedicated to the production, sale and distribution of bakery products. We specialize in the production of different types of bread for sandwiches. The constant challenge of outdoing ourselves lead us to develop and improve our production processes, achieving the quality of our industry-recognized products and services.

Become a leading company characterized by the excellence in every activity we undertake.

Provide our customers high quality products and services. Promote our staff and society progress through the development of the best technology applied to our processes while fostering the continuous improvement of our product quality and safety.


Honesty: To be honest with ourselves and with the people that we interact with. Responsibility: To fulfill our legal and moral commitment. Perseverance: To achieve our goals.


Our Quality Department is responsible for developing the production processes that are carried out under strict control, verification and audits to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of our products, and our customer satisfaction.